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We are an anti-capitalist and anti-hate group that aims to be an inclusive space for marginalized and working class folks of all stripes to learn self defense, work together, and to find the center line that represents rational gun policy. In addition to self defense training, we carry out a variety of projects to provide aid to the areas of the Madison community most in need and hope to eventually offer a robust array of training and certifications including first aid, self defense, and marksmanship.

To join you are not required to own your own firearm, we have plenty for you to train with, nor are you required to be a socialist. However, any connections or sympathies with fascist, racist, or otherwise hateful groups will bar you from membership in our organization.

Reach out to us directly via email or any of our social media accounts to attend a meeting without any commitment on your part. You can also join immediately at the national level, they will put you in contact with us shortly after your dues are submitted. We hope to hear from you soon, solidarity.